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On May 20, 2019, two monuments in Rio de Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer and the Metropolitan Cathedral of São Sebastião, received the green color in order to warn about the impact of the celiac condition.


In order for people to understand about the celiac condition so that we can be accepted, respected and integrated into society.


Green symbolizes hope and health. Hope, because those who are celiac do not give up fighting for the cause, do not give up social inclusion and respect. Health, because from the moment the celiac discovers his diagnosis and starts to follow a

gluten-free diet, he returns to health, leaving the problems he faced behind.


Therefore, a live broadcast was made on Maio Verde's instagram during the lighting ceremony, which featured the Coral Vocalizart, councilman Thiago K. Ribeiro - author of the bill that requires bars and restaurants to report gluten presence in food - and Father Omar, Rector of the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer of Corcovado.


“We had to overcome several obstacles to make this dream come true! But it was certainly worth it, we were able to bring each celiac a little closer to that historic moment, during our live broadcast, I received many reports from people touched by the event. ”- says Renata Macena, creator of the MAIO VERDE campaign.


For Gustavo Negrini, director of E4 and the MAIO VERDE campaign, alongside Renata Macena, celiac and chef, the challenge was great, since they took over the conversation with the Archdiocese to make the project possible. “The support and involvement of all serious brands, which bring in their composition a safe food for those who are celiac, was also essential for this achievement. For the Maio Verde Campaign and all celiacs in Brazil and the world, as it is a world monument, it will be a milestone in history ”, says Gustavo.


“Our action in Christ the Redeemer wants to give visibility to the celiac condition. We believe that the result of this campaign will be very positive and will reach several people who still do not have a diagnosis of the disease ”- says Suzane Boyadjian, president of Acelbra-RJ, the entity responsible, together with Maio Verde, for the Christ lighting initiative.


The date was chosen due to the bill for the creation of the National Celiac Disease Day to be celebrated on this date (PL 6666/2016 Câmara dos Deputados).

We are a family owned and operated business.

In Paraná, a state law is already in effect to celebrate the date.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, that is, the body produces antibodies that attack the tissues themselves, which can affect several organs and trigger extradigestive manifestations.


It is usually detected in children, but symptoms can appear at any age.


In order to significantly increase the visibility of the celiac condition and the importance of its diagnosis, with the realization of Acelbra RJ and the MAIO VERDE Campaign, in 2019, two monuments of enormous relevance, from Rio de Janeiro, were illuminated in the May 20 in favor of the Celiac Cause.


Cristo Redentor and the Metropolitan Cathedral of São Sebastião, will receive the green color to alert people about celiac disease.



For realization of this great event, we have

support for cooperation of companies:



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